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theriches_fx's Journal

The Riches
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The Riches appears on FX, Mondays at 10 PM.

Community Rules

  • Spoilers must be labeled and behind a lj-cut. Spoilers are considered to be anything coming up in the show and anything that happened in the last new aired episode. Meaning, any posts discussing a new episode must be lj-cut until the following Tuesday.
  • No drama please. I ask that any member conflicts please be taken care politely and civilly. We all have our points of view. No flaming in the comments!
  • Respect everyone in the community and their varying opinions.
  • Fanfics, icons, artwork are welcomed. But please cut anything over 300x300.
  • If you link photos and/or articles, please also post the source.
  • I reserve the right to ban anyone who creates constant drama, anyone who is consistently disrespectful to other members, etc.
  • Have fun!

New rules will be added if necessary.