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A Riches movie?

Nov. 25th, 2008 | 12:57 pm
posted by: southernoracle in theriches_fx

The former stars and writers plan to shoot a “guerilla-style” adaptation.

Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver will reprise their roles on the cancelled FX show, The Riches, in a new movie, the BBC reports.

“We’ve had a meeting and the writers are going to go off and slam out a story,” Izzard told the BBC. “We’re going to raise money like Barack Obama through the Internet, and we’re going to shoot it guerilla-style.”

The critically acclaimed show about Wayne and Dahlia Malloy, two con artists who pose as a well-off couple, was cancelled in April after just two seasons.

Izzard says the time for a big screen adaptation couldn’t be better. “Everything’s getting tight, money’s getting tight and there’s the credit crunch – so it’s the time to go and be inventive.”

Izzard can currently be seen in the West End performing his new stand-up show, Stripped, while Driver remains occupied with her two-month-old son, Henry. She continues to keep the father’s identity a secret.


Side note, anybody else see Todd Stashwick in Ghost Whisperer and think "Dale?! What the hell are you doing here?!"

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Oct. 7th, 2008 | 08:37 pm
mood: shockedshocked
posted by: webofglass in theriches_fx

Show's over, folks.

This is such bullshit.

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Jun. 11th, 2008 | 03:39 pm
posted by: sunneyone in theriches_fx

I've been wondering about something since the last episode. At the end, when the dude calls Wayne... How did he get the number? Cael called Dahlia, not Wayne.

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May. 11th, 2008 | 08:42 pm
posted by: thisjuliet in theriches_fx

[001-061] Gossip Girl (episodes 1x14 & 1x15)
[062-086] Remember The Daze
[087-099] The Riches (episodes 2x06 & 2x07)
[100-112] Twilight (teaser trailer)



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Season Finale

Apr. 29th, 2008 | 11:02 pm
mood: ecstaticecstatic
posted by: visdviking in theriches_fx

Season Finale

Oh man, I hope they get renewed because this season was so short due to the writer's strike. 

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DVDs for Season 1

Apr. 7th, 2008 | 01:19 am
posted by: lauralei03 in theriches_fx

i got through episode 9 of season 1 while watching on FX, and then things got in the way. i am getting the DVDs from my blockbuster online account, but was wondering if anyone knows how the episodes are divided onto the discs? i would rather not rent a DVD if it has only episodes i have already seen. thanks!

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Write to FX For The Riches

Apr. 7th, 2008 | 02:05 am
posted by: violettfem in theriches_fx

From Cake Or Death an Eddie Izzard fansite:

There are grumblings online about The Riches being on the bubble as to whether they will get a third season or not. You can email FX HERE and tell them why you love The Riches so much and how you hope it comes back for a third season

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(no subject)

Apr. 6th, 2008 | 09:33 pm
posted by: misspipedream in theriches_fx

[12] 30 Rock: Season 1, Episode 21
[8] 30 Rock: Season 2, Episode 7
[9] 30 Rock: Season 2, Episode 10
[6] Cashback
[5] Cinderella
[4] Dumbo
[5] Peter Pan
[4] Pinnochio
[8] The Riches


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Here goes nothing: Episode thoughts? 202

Mar. 26th, 2008 | 06:34 am
posted by: slutbunwalla in theriches_fx

Being first and foremost a Lostie, I guess I'm used to having a place to debrief with other fans about the latest episode of a show...I know the official site has a community area but I tend to enjoy the unofficial communities better for some reason. Anyway

spoilers...Collapse )

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Looking for Riches fan who likes to write.

Mar. 20th, 2008 | 05:12 pm
posted by: keithp23 in theriches_fx

Hi folks,

My name is KP and I'm the Head Writer for  TheTwoCents.com. It's a TV site that I started just over a year ago. I'm just a normal guy with a real job, but I LOVE TV. I tried to keep up with my favorite TV shows on my own, but just couldn't do it on the site.

SO - I'm looking for other fans of my favorite shows to do weekly recaps and/or reviews, in your own style, for our site. We have a bunch of staff writers but we don't have anyone for The Riches. 

If you're at all interested, please email me at kp@thetwocents.com or let me know by visiting TheTwoCents.com and using the Email button. I'd love to hear from you.

If not - enjoy the rest of the new season!!!


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